As we approach 4/20 or the annual day we discuss and some celebrate marijuana, it is important to separate fact from fiction when discussing marijuana. While marijuana remains a Schedule 1 drug of the Controlled Substances Act, along with Heroin and LSD, there is plenty of science out there that has demonstrated the actual health benefits of Marijuana, THC, and Cannabinoids. One of the most promising parts of the science so far, is that we are only in the beginning stages of true research into the affects of Marijuana. Marijuana is not without a downside. There is plenty of evidence that use by teens can truly affect brain functions as a teen that continue later in life as well. However, for the most part Marijuana continues to prove an effect treatment of a number of diseases and conditions. The folks at have put together this infographic sharing just some of positive effects Marijuana brings to the table in fighting for our health and not just as a high.