advertising that works from dba designs & communications

quality advertising takes planning. it should be noticed. it should be should be engaging. it should target the right markets, the right people, the right patients, at the right time. most of all, quality advertising should generate sales. dba designs & communications has over 30 years of experience working with businesses large and small, helping design and create superior advertising to raise their awareness within their local communities. that advertising has helped generate millions of dollars in sales and revenue, helping our clients grow and prosper.

we’ve designed award-winning advertising, but more importantly, we design advertising that wins customers. we keep abreast of the trends while staying away from what is only just trendy. from radio to television, magazine to newspaper, outdoor to direct mail, as well as online display and search advertising, dba designs & communications can help you reach your current and potential new customers effectively and efficiently.

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advertising that works from dba designs & communications


we live in a fascinating new age of promotion where the old ways of simply running ads whatever the medium doesn’t work anywhere near as effectively as it once did. gone are the days of a television program or radio station commanding a 40% share of the market. push marketing doesn’t have the power it once did and big marketing dollars don’t always equal success.

we live in a fractured and ever more segmented marketplace where people choose who they associate with, what they want to read, watch, and listen to, and when they want to do this all. we live in an ever more on demand environment. that on-demand marketplace now extends to your business where people want what they want when they want it.

this pull marketplace means you need to be where people want to see you, touch you, hear you, and buy your products or services when they want them. this is the magic of social media in today’s marketplace. the key is developing the right balance of push and pull marketing.

that is where dba designs and communications can help you succeed. we’ve been doing both for decades now and will help you succeed by mastering both directions of your marketing message.

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