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eye care marketing!

there are over 30,000 optical practices in the u.s. performing over 100 million eye exams, selling 75 million pairs of prescription eyeglasses and over 85 million pairs of contact lenses each year. the vision care market generates over $35 billion in revenue every year. how much of that is coming through your doors?

we can help you!

we’re on a mission to work with the world’s most innovative eye care professionals.  we seek optometrists and opticians are driven to succeed, who are driven to be the best in their respective marketplaces…in short, optometrists and opticians who get it.

dba designs and communications operates at the intersection of technology, design, and culture to tell your story. we put your vision into action, building your audience, your patients, your customers with superior optical websites and eye care marketing, all while focusing on exceptional cutting-edge solutions for today’s eyecare practices. we apply your core values, your goals, your motivations, and your sense of vision to create break-out products that set you far ahead of your competitors.

dba designs has built a solid reputation as being the superior marketing partner for superior eye care professionals from coast to coast across the united states and canada. we have the honor of working with some of the best optical retailers, optometrists, opticians, eyewear, and optical lens manufacturers large and small, helping them build their businesses. whether you are opening your first optical practice or opening your twentieth location, dba designs can help you grow your eye care business.

being creative is one thing. being strategically and creatively strong enough to break through the clutter effectively and efficiently- to make your optical business a success takes experience and proficiency that dba has demonstrated over and over.

dba designs has over two decades of experience working with eye care practices and we would love to work with you, too. a number of our clients have been nominated for and won “best of’s” in their respective markets. whether you need a new eye care website, social media help, advertising, in-store marketing, external marketing, or just a shoulder to lean on, we are but a phone call or email away.

if you are ready to take that next step in growing your eye care practice, contact us today. we will be happy to give you a free one-hour assessment of your marketing and local marketplace. let us help you put your vision into action today!