dba designs & communication operates at the intersection of technology, design, and culture to tell your story building clients, customer, patients, and love with superior websites, while focusing on exceptional cutting edge marketing solutions for your businesses. we apply your core values, your goals, your motivations, and your sense of style to create break-out products that set you far ahead of your competitors.

we work with our clients to help you motivate your potential customers and patients to buy. good advertising and marketing takes planning. it is highly dependent on context. some ideas easily transcend mediums, some do not. your marketing and advertising should be engaging, sometimes entertaining, but most of all, it should generate sales. we can help.

dba designs & communications has over 30 years of design, advertising and marketing experience working with businesses large and small. we’ve designed award winning advertising campaigns, but more importantly, our work has resulted in sales for our clients. dba designs stands ready to help you and your business advertise effectively, efficiently, and affordably.

dba designs & communications keeps abreast of the trends in advertising, marketing,  web design, and social media, while staying away from what is just plain trendy. from radio to television, magazine to newspaper, billboard to buzz, websites to social networking, dba designs & communications can help you reach your goals. we believe good advertising, marketing, and web design should be both effective and affordable.

we work harder, smarter, faster, and with greater passion than most anyone, and it shows the work we produce for our clients and the results they see through our efforts together. we have fun coming to work and leave with a smile most every day.

most importantly, we choose to only work with those whom we enjoy working with. yes, we could earn more money holding our noses with some clients, but no one works well with people you don’t like, let alone generate great creative content for them, and we want to do our best for all our clients. if you are ready to break barriers and take that next step in your business evolution, we invite you to contact us today.

we would love to work with you at dba designs & communications

we have had the honor of working with some very wonderful people and businesses over the years. not only were we able to help them, but we made friends and learned new things along the way that we were able to share with other clients to help them succeed as well. contact us today to see how we can share those lessons to help with your success.

here are just a few of the fine businesses we have worked with over the years…

Top Ten Reasons Not To Work With Us…

you’re shopping for the cheapest price

just to be clear, we are definitely not the cheapest price. nor are we the most expensive. if you’re not looking to invest in your business with something that could and should bring you far more than you invest, then we are not a good fit. we strive to provide value, but we also put a lot of time and effort into what we do for our clients and it shows in the marketing and websites we create for you.

you think you’re a designer

design is so much more than what looks pretty. we focus not only on what looks good, but what works. there is much more to a website than whatever your favorite color is. We apply an aesthetic code to compliment what you have shown us and how you have described your business. we do this for a living. if you want to nitpick every element of design, we are not good fit.

you are too busy to communicate

we have been building websites for over 20 years. we don’t need our hand held. however, the success of your website is heavily linked to your participation and communication. when we ask for content or images, we truly need your attention and your input. your website can only be as good as your communication with us.

you want someone to just take orders

some people need to control everything. we get it. however, if you want to take full reign on your projects, it’s not going to work. it’s like telling your mechanic how to fix your car or your dentist how to fix your teeth. we are professionals at what we do. You hire us to take charge of this part of your business. If that doesn’t work for you, neither can we.

you can’t adhere to timely payments

when we choose to work together, we are building a relationship based on trust. when we deliver the work promised, we expect payment on time, just as you do from your clients and patients. it sucks to have to chase payment when we have worked so hard on your behalf. plus we don’t like being mean, but not paying is a great way to get a reputation and maybe even lose your website.

you think web design is easy

first of all, if it were easy, you would be doing this yourself. there is a lot that goes into coding and designing a website to make it flow right and work right. Your site has to work on more than just your computer. there is no such thing as “can’t you easily just…” everything involves some sort of code, styling and logic. sometimes that one more thing can crash everything.

you don’t trust professionals

we create websites and do marketing for a living and have for decades. You hire us for that expertise. If we used your services we would trust you were the expert in that arena. If you can’t afford the same level of trust to us and our business, then are not a good fit. just as there is no app that can replace your expertise, there is no app that does what we do as well as we do it.

designers and suppliers keep firing you

if that keeps happening, we’re sorry. who knows the exact reason, but if this is a reoccurring theme in your business relationships, then something is amiss. we’re not saying we will not give things a shot, but perhaps a mirror might be called for before we are called for. we want to enjoy working with our clients for months and years to come, and hopefully the feeling with be mutual.

you’re not sure you want to work with us

we aren’t here to twist arms or blow smoke up your @$$. we are here to help you and help your business take the next step in your success. if you aren’t comfortable working with us, tell us. perhaps there is some misunderstanding we can correct. perhaps you will be more comfortable working with someone else. we want what’s best for you and sometimes that’s not us.

you hate awesome!

we take pride in our work. We take pride in our relationships. we want to work with the best to build the best websites and do the best marketing for our clients. to use a sports metaphor, we don’t bat 1000, but we have hall of fame written all over the work we do for our clients. we would like to put that effort and energy to work for you and your business, letting you enjoy your business once again.