the no-nonsense dba designs process helps you and your business succeed


at dba designs & communications, we want to hear your goals, your thoughts, your dreams, your concerns and your timeline. your participation in the planning stages of our work together is vital. we put together a proposal that will outline your project ensuring you’ll get a final product that will not only meet your needs, but hopefully exceed them too. we’ll explore the best solutions for your goals so that your website, ad campaign, or marketing program works wonderfully.


after the goals and project are outlined and agreements finalized, your project gets going. we will get busy designing a website or marketing to make you happy. we want your success as much as you do. communication and participation in the design phase of your website is vital.


we will keep you abreast of our progress along the way and invite your participation in reviewing our progress. once the site has form and substance, we will invite you to review it and critique it. we will have taken your guidance, your input, your photographs, your sense of style, and product mix and create a website or marketing pieces to compliment all that you have shared. if you don’t like what we created, we are happy to make changes to see that you are, but we take pride in getting it right the first time (not that we always succeed).


when the design, construction, and development phase of the project is completed and the final product is thoroughly tested, we will upload your new site to the designated host. together we will make final changes and tweaks and help promote your new site to dozens of search engines. since websites are truly never finished, dba designs & communications hopes to build an ongoing working relationship with you to keep your website fresh and up to date over the months and years to come.