We build websites for a living. We advise businesses large and small about the fact that their website is their first and sometimes only impression someone will get of their business. We share the fact that close to 80% of all consumers will research a business online before making a decision to shop with that business or service. We believe in having a website that works on multiple platforms, be they desktop computers or pocket size smartphones. We believe a website can make or break your business.

That said, there are many do it yourself website companies who will provide a web presence for you for free or minimal cost. While the price may make you smile, the end results probably won’t, certainly if you are serious about growing your business. Like advise, you get what you pay for. There is a reason some companies pay many tens of thousands and for larger companies, hundreds of thousands of dollars to get their websites rebuilt.

If the product or service you provide is no different than anyone else, you might consider not differentiating yourself in any way, including your website. Of course, you are different, or you wouldn’t be in business. You offer something different, something better, something more exciting than your competitors do and you should showcase that in the best way you can, starting with your website and continuing through everything else you do to market yourself. The folks at WhoIsHostingThis know this and have put together this infographic on why Do It Yourself should be Don’t It Yourself.

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